News.What we know about FIFA 18’s new features so far

FIFA 18 will be released on September 29 and will be unveiled earlier this year at the E3 conference in Los Angeles, and more information has been available since the new features and new platforms.

But the question still exists - is it worth the money you earn? To help you decide, we have collected all the important information below.please pay attention to it.

 What's new?

FIFA's most prominent game improvements focus on several key areas:

1.More precise and creative dribbling mechanism
2.Realistic player personality and brand new animation system
3.New cross mechanic
4.Different team style

EA also mentions "the moment of drama" - a system that uses the new animation "to release more fluid shocks and batting". For team style, the game is designed to combine more realistic strategies with improved player positioning.

Another new feature is "dynamic quick storage" - instant changes rather than navigating to menus - while setting (especially penalties) is also modified.

"Immersive atmosphere"

FIFA 17 Frostbite engine debut significantly improved the visual effects of many elements, but the crowd is not one of them. This year, the "immersive atmosphere" function is designed to make significant improvements in this aspect of the game. Now you can interact with high-definition fans in a celebration, stare at the stadium-specific banners, and benefit from signature borders.

Some of the world's top real leagues will be filled with more real overlap, as well as a unique camera perspective, adding realism. Other features include cinematic atmosphere grading, authentic sun location, adaptive reviews and deteriorated bitumen quality for each game wear. Look forward to improving player models and celebrations.

Alex Hunter is back

FIFA 18 will show the second appearance of the fictional character Alex Hunt and his career: "Journey: Hunter Returns" model. This time, a series of new features will make the story of the British in a different direction, the story is divided into six chapters legend. Alex is no longer confined to the first two departments of England football - he will cross the "football world" in the second quarter.

The details are still limited, but the "Journey: Hunter Returns" seems to have a narrative similar to last year and add new customization features for Alex (hairstyle, clothing, etc.), as well as updated fictional and real world names.

In addition, the recent video at the Gamescom conference seems to indicate that a mini-FIFA street-style feature will be incorporated into this model - possibly in the Brazilian storyline.

FIFA 18 is set to launch with September 29 on LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox live One, and Nintendo Swap,More updated news related to FIFA 18 will be showed on 5% off FIFA 18 coins site , you can check now.

Friday, August 25, 2017

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