News.The interesting history of FIFA series that you did not know

FIFA, also known as FIFA Football and FIFA Soccer, Football Association is a series of video games or football simulator at EA Sports label, published by Electronic Arts each year. While no significant than race, EA released their Madden NFL and NHL series, football video games, such as the first football championship wise, kick off and since the late 1980s and has been developed Matchday in the game market, EA Sports announced a competitive soccer match as the next addition to their EA Sports label.

EA's voice calling a football game were numerous. In the US, EA Sports Network (ESN or, as it was called in those days before ESPN asked them to change it) is a heavy-duty truck sales since the NHL and the world's best love. Throughout Europe, however, these games are non-entities. "We did some research and found that C & VG magazine readers 90% of the love of football," said David Gardner, sales and marketing for EA Europe boss said when. "So we realized that if we want to EA Sports brand to Europe, we need a football match."
After FIFA'94 success, EA development FIFA'95 designed for Sega's 16-bit console (Mega Drive, is accurate). The new version has the same engine, with only minor retouching and most important change is the addition of about 200 club teams first series. Players can call the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, Spain and the Brazilian league matches and the playoffs. Also new, battery backup allows you to save up to four games cartridges, change the password.FIFA 16 Coins Of course, football lottery was brought to FIFA. Penalty Shootout training mode to join

So, how do the football phenomenon in the United States? There are many factors, but it is an undeniable very significant rise in the popularity of FIFA game series in the United States. The first FIFA game was released in July 15, 1993, it is worth noting that the first official FIFA video games have a license (the world governing body of football). An EA officials later admitted that at the time, EA believes the company will not successfully sell the game in the United States. Currently has apparently improved in the game, each new version; almost every club and the national team has come to the features, and the graphics are so good, a game critic's words, FIFA '15 "in sports history's greatest game speech. "

In 2014, FIFA made a game out of 100 points 87-90.5 critic, became the highest-rated sports video games, gaming experts from the United States. FIFA also updated the whole team representing different sectors between the injury and the club every year, even in a different league. Over the years, video games have featured football's greatest figures, including Henry, Davis, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho. Because of FIFA 13, Messi has replaced Rooney who starred in from FIFA 06 to FIFA 12, the front cover a regular feature.

2012, EA Sports franchise signing Messi in FIFA, drew him away from the competitors live football. Macy's portrait, and then immediately placed on the cover of FIFA Street. In 2013, the Spanish professional women's football player started a petition on, which called on the US to launch EA female players in the FIFA series. The petition has attracted 20,000 signatures within 24 hours. In May 28, 2015, EA announced that women would be included in the FIFA 16 team, which is set to be released September 25, 2015.
11.The cover athlete has scored more than one million fifa 16 goals
FIFA games are like an iconic team’s soccer jersey. They’re ubiquitous. They have trademark styling. Supporters wear them as a statement of unwavering loyalty. And every year, we see a new version of it. Some new touches here. A splash of color there. Maybe a couple of high-tech features to keep things fresh. But, just like the 2015-2016 Arsenal home kit, the new FIFA is pretty much what you know. And if what you know is what you love, FIFA 16 is pretty great (as reviewed on the Xbox One). Finally, women’s teams have made it to FIFA. You can now play as 12 of the most prominent international squads, recreating some of the best match ups from the recent Women’s World Cup.
According to The Verge, though "FIFA 16" got the major upgrade of featuring women's international teams - the first ever in the franchise - it still has a long way to go in terms of content and gameplay. First, there is the absence of the Japanese women's team, who has been a strong rival of the U.S. team in recent tournaments. "FIFA 16" features 12 women's teams and the Japanese team is not one of them. For many, the inclusion of women in FIFA has been a long time coming. Back in 2013 Spanish footballer Verónica Boquete started a petition on calling for the addition of female players in the popular video game. The petition garnered 20,000 signatures in 24 hours.
 Around the same time EA had already been tinkering with the idea and created an early prototype, which consisted of putting a women’s head on a man’s body with generic male motion. As you can imagine the result was not exactly promising, in fact some called it disastrous. What the prototype did do was give EA a starting point on what they would need to work on to create a more realistic female player model. "If you take the US Women as a singular team and you look at the 600 teams you can play with on a global basis, not just in the US, the US Women, they're actually the 23rd-most played team around the world in FIFA 16, which is a stunning statistic," EA Sports COO Peter Moore revealed.
A "better stat" is that Morgan, the cover athlete, has already scored more than one million in-game goals, even though FIFA 16 has only been out for two months. The decision to introduce women into The Beautiful (Digital) Game was made “three or four years ago.” EA’s series has always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the game on which it’s based, and the increasing awareness of women’s football in the public consciousness made the call a no-brainer. “We pride ourselves on being the most authentic football game in the world,” says Channon. “The groundswell of women’s football in the last four or five years has become strong. And ultimately we felt that if we want to be truly authentic, women need to be part of our game.”
With the main focus on simulation rather than structure this year, career mode has to settle for a few refinements instead of a full overhaul. Pre-season tournaments are a welcome improvement on meaningless friendlies, and weekly training drills for up to five squad members provide a smart means of expediting player growth. Further fleshing out the world are additional mid-match discussions from Martin Tyler and Alan Smith, such as analysis of transfers made elsewhere in your league. Scouting remains an addictive time sink, although one which eschews belief as you drop down the divisions - my best talent spotter repeatedly recommended Wayne Rooney, Christian Eriksen and Gylfi Sigurdsson. For Leyton Orient.
And what's more, games allow a beautiful suspension of reality. In "FIFA 16," the U.S. women can play the U.S. men without any real-life constraints -- no squabbling about turf, about funding, about biology. It's the beautiful game without sexist incursion. This is more than just a moment, but it's not a total breakthrough into mainstream consciousness, either. It's something in between, and could result in some amazing changes that resonate through other leagues as well.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

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