News.The Arch Glacor Guide - Boss Mechanics and Rewards

Are you ready to take on the biggest badass that is to come and wreak havoc on the streets of Geilinor. As you must have guessed, I am talking about The Arch Glacor. Wen’s army is ready and it’s time we buckle up as well to fight against the ice Glacors and Glacytes to make our way all the way up to the major boss, the Arch Glacor.

Arch Glacor, as the developers have mentioned, isn’t going to be the usual type of boss that you see in the game but it is mainly introduced to make all of the players from different skill sets have a challenging fight but also a fight where the less skilled players could learn about the basics of PVM fight. So, in this Arch Glacor guide, we will go over all the different mechanics of the boss and also the rewards you get at the end!

Arch Glacor Boss Mechanics
The Arch Glacor basically has 5 different attacks and these attacks can be toggled on and off by the use of the Mages that are holding him off. With all of the mages being toggled off, the lesser the boss mechanics and the easier fight would be and vice versa.

Creeping Ice
The Creeping Ice Is The First Mechanic That Isn't One Of The Five Toggleable Mechanics. Ice Shards will appear on the battlefield and close in on a certain area, shrinking the play area for the player. And, as I previously stated, it is not toggleable, but this should not be a problem for you because all it does is move you towards specific areas of the battlefield. This also occurs just before any of the Toggleable Mechanics is about to fire off, thus if you see the creeping ice, one of the following Mechanics is about to go off.

Glacyte Minions
The Arch Glacor has the power to produce numerous Glacytes, rendering the Arch Glacor invulnerable until you kill them all. This mechanism teaches players how to deal with multiple minions and also how to switch between multiple targets. While the Arch Glacor is resistant to damage while the minions are alive, any damage given to the minions will subsequently be applied to the Arch Glacor. So, although it’s kinda tedious, you have to finish them off.

The next mechanic will be used to teach the players how to correctly predict the upcoming attack by looking at the animations, this is very important as animations and sounds can tell you what the boss is trying to do next. The way it’d work is the Arch Glacor will switch between two different damage types depending on which one deals more damage.

Pillars of Ice
This is pretty interesting as this attack drives you to corner using creeper ice and then a beam is launched by the boss that deals a lot of damage when in contact but that’s not all, as the ice disappears another beam shoots down to make you run for your life as it also saps 8% of prayer points. This one teaches you some advanced movement and kiting.

Frost Cannon
The next attack is unavoidable unlike the rest, it traps you and shoots a power beam at you, which you have to counter using shield switching and other defense tactics to get the least amount of damage in order to survive.

Exposed Core
The exposed core is the deadly show of power from the boss as it launches a massive beam in the middle and traps you with arms on both sides. You need to smash through any of the arms before the beam kills you as with passing time, the damage grows higher.

Arch Glacor Rewards
With hard fights, comes great rewards. Beating the Arch Glacor will give you the chance to get a slew of rewards and while not all of the rewards have been announced, here is what you can get:

●New Weapons
●New Adornments
●Gladys (Arch-Glacor pet)

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