News. Some essential FIFA 18 suggestions:Ultimate Team web app ,new defending and more

There are some important FIFA 18 tips which I’m now going to share with you.These should aid players of all abilities, Please read the following informations carefully , Hope can do some help for you!

Never buy gold packs in Ultimate Team

The ultimate team around the attractive way, the big gold coins (whether real or in the game) on the shiny golden packaging. Trouble is that tens of thousands of gamers every day into this temptation, means that the market is constantly gold card saturation.

From standard packaging costs 5K, you will be lucky to recover 2K in the secondary market; while bronze and wallets are spent on peanuts, but because of the scarcity of these card types, almost always make a profit.

Open bronze or wallets, hide any unique players in the club, and then check the team every Friday night to challenge the door to match the area. Record the octaves of Marquee Matchups, then enter your club, and list any players from these teams on the transfer market, making sure Buy Now Now is based on the current price. In this way, we made 13 million coins on FIFA 17, which has been closed from FIFA's $ 20 million in 18 years.

To speed up your journey in a cunning way

This year's "journey" is fantastic, but a common criticism of social media is that the story can make progress faster. The whole of the game can be felt in the final Alex Hunt chapter honed, and the former club teammate Danny Williams (Danny Williams) is the case. Fortunately, there is a solution.

When you start the game in the mode, go to the Settings menu and scroll to User Game Custom and increase Sprint Speed ??and Acceleration to 100. Then select the CPU Game Custom tab and select Sprint Speed ??and acceleration "to 0. There is no way to quickly forward the game itself in this way, but in this way you can get an unparalleled 7-0 lead in 10 minutes - do not exaggerate - and then leave and do other things , For example in the FIFA 18 application to organize your transfer while the rest of the game is played.

Mentioning the FIFA 18 app is not, we swear, a cunning product placed. This is actually the key factor in the harvest of the extreme coins we mentioned earlier. Part of the reason is that it enables you to make purchases and sales on the move without having to start the console every time you perform any operations related to the FUT; but mainly because its menus make it easier to manage than the ones found in the game The

Compare the price of a particular player. While FIFA 18 forces you to scroll individually for each card, the application neatly lists all available cards for that player so that you can immediately discover the cheapest card.

This is also the best way to complete the team building challenges. The large rectangular panel lets you know which work you have done and which you do not have to transfer the market - an important factor in accomplishing these challenges - is the two mouse clicks or screen taps, rather than a daunting loop around the console menu. It is free on iOS, Android and your web browser and is worth learning from you.

Make a career out of youth development

The FFT has covered the most exciting 10 teams in your career, but no matter what you play, do not transfer your only means of injecting new blood. Many people completely ignore the choice of youth academy, when a small job can be paid from the third quarter to huge dividends - both in terms of strengthening your team and long-term money, due to the new sale of the transfer fee transaction The

In the start mode, immediately recruited young scouts and ordered him to find "technical genius" players. Every month, when your potential customer reports on the land, sign any person with a total of 90+ or ??more, and take care of anyone in the range 85-89, depending on how much space you have in the college.

Let them be there to ferment and improve, just like a glass of wine until you get a message that they are considering leaving - at this time to provide long term contracts. In this way, you should add six to seven premium players per season, who will be ready for the first team since 2019.

New defending needs to eliminate old habits

It was claimed that the FIFA 18 defensive model was broken - mainly FIFA 17 players did not know the new "tough attack", which was a routine deal and half of the slide between.

In fact, once this new solution is mastered, it will be greatly improved. The key is to extend the slider button for a second longer before the challenge, rather than repeatedly tapping as in previous years. Think it is charging street fighter's move; it is ahead of reading the game, not the reaction to it.

There are ways to increase your chances of making key blocks around Burnley style and boxes. One is the use of two more than 6ft 2in CDM to deploy 4-4-2 (2) formation. Position they will help you to shield your midfielder, and their size means that the extended legs can deviate from many targets. It's like Tony Plice's dream.

Also try to use the correct stick instead of L1 / LB to switch between players. This requires you to choose who controls the hands of AI, rather than put it on your body.
Turn handballs back on

The option hidden from the Settings menu is that you will increase the number of goals you score from the default changes. Handball was launched in FIFA 11, but a year later "fans complained that the engine could not distinguish between intentions and accidents." Unless they are not deleted at all, unless the game owner has another decision.

To reopen them, go to Customize, Settings, Game Settings, Rules. "Handball" is the fourth choice. Most offline FIFA players will be more difficult to set more than their AI against the shooting level, which means that in any given game spent more time in the opponent's box - so more likely to hit ball.

When you do this, you will get a penalty every time - we will see one every five or six games. The disadvantage is that you occasionally admit one, but this is definitely a change that makes human players far more than AI.

Height is the most important goalkeeper property

Lead game maker Sam Rivera's offer before FIFA 17 was still true this year - especially in the case of sticks between those gangs. "Two specific attributes are [critical]," Rivera said. "They are the players of the public - how big they are - their strength attributes. We combine these values ??to determine the strength of these people. The bigger the player, the better he will be."

There is a simple reason that Asmil Begovic and Jack Brand are considered FIFA's most superpower super goalkeeper, 6 points and 6 points and 5 points, respectively, and their height makes them Able to meet the scope of their statistical recommendations beyond. Fraser Foster, at 6 feet 7 miles, although his 78 OVR is also a giant.

From other major leagues, Costel Pantilimon (6'7 "), Michael Esser (Bundesliga, 6 ft 5 inches) and Gianluigi Donnarumma (Calcio A, 6 feet 5 inches) are worth your consideration Career mode and / or FUT lineup.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

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