News.Quick to Getting Fire Cape OSRS Jad Guide 2021

I know many of have been struggling to get over Jad and get your first fire cap and I get it kinds gets a little frustrating but that I why we decided to make this short guide to help you win your battle with Jad to get your fire cap. But before we jump into that make sure to check out these deals on OSRS and RS3 gold.

First things first, we are not going to be focusing on the fight caves but Jad so when you get to the wave 62, you would want to pay close attention to where the orange mage spawns because that is where Jad will spawn too and so after you get the get the orange one a little bit low on hp, you would want to check your own HP and fill it back up to prepare yourself for the Jad fight.


Identify the Attacks

Now once you have filled up your HP, go back and finish off the orange mage and wait for your fight with Jad to begin. Once it starts what you would need to do is keep an eye out and try to identify which attack Jad is going to use first and which attack he is going to use next before-hand. And there are actually two ways to go about it, the first it to remember the sounds each of them corresponds to a certain attack, you can also try the Jad Simulator which will help you simulate your fight with Jad before you actually do that.

The other way is to focus on his feet, if he backs up on his hind legs and stays then there is going to be a magic attack or if he picks up his feet and slams them down that means a range attack is coming. When fighting Jad you will have to use your ranged or magic prayer, doesn't matter which one. You'll just need to react accordingly depending on which attack Jad is going to use.  


Go for the Healers

Now once the fight starts you will you will have to make sure you have the correct prayer on is just hover over the opposite prayer, so if you're praying mage hover your cursor over range and click it when you need to and just keep doing that until you get to the healers.

When Jad gets to half of his HP his Healers will pop up and when they do, what you will want to do is get yourself in position and get all the healers to attack you one by one, so they are not healing Jad anymore.

The way you are going to do that is first you want to move and then stop moving and hover your prayer and wait for the next attack. Once Jad's next attack comes in, you can move again. It is much safer this way the same technique is going apply to the healers. Attack one and then stop attacking and then get ready to switch your prayers

Repeat this until you get all the four healers to attack you and not heal Jad. And once that happens you can continue attacking Jad all the way to the end. Keep doing that until Jad is finished and that will be your way to get the fire cap!

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Tuesday, April 06, 2021

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