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FIFA 17 is a football video game that is developed by EA. For Fut 17 playing, maybe the Fifa 17 Coins are your most needed.In 2006 Hamdi Al Kadri experienced one of the best moments of his life by officiating at the FIFA World Cup? in Germany. Now, ten years later, the Syrian has returned to the land of the current world champions. While war forced him to leave the nation of his birth, refereeing is helping the 51-year-old to find his feet in his new home.

"It’s wonderful to be able to referee here," the match official told Al Kadri now lives with his wife and four children near Nuremberg, where the family have been receiving help with integration from local resident Gudrun Baars ever since their arrival.

MMO4PAL.COM is the most reliable website that can offer Fut 17 Coins, and it also can offer the different Fifa 17 Coins to you,If you are the fifa fans, welcome to visit our site  Itwas Baars who contacted the local football association to inform them that a former world-class referee was now living in their midst – and club officials at SV Postbauer jumped at the chance of enlisting Al Kadri’s help. "First, we had to find out if he needed a new licence," Oliver Johannes, chairman of the district referee’s association, told

"Luckily, the BFV [Bavarian Football Association] ensured that everything went through smoothly and without any unnecessary red tape,” the 41-year-old continued. “We were able to get him going very quickly and he is now working at matches.” Johannes has high hopes for his new recruit. "None of our referees have the kind of experience he has. He can definitely help us to introduce young people to the role."

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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