News.Old School RuneScape League - The Twisted League

Old School RuneScape Leagues have arrived! Leagues is a brand new game mode. Each League offers a different spin on the game, challenging your knowledge and skill in ways you never imagined! In this first League, The Twisted League, you’ll be playing as an Ironman restricted to Kebos & Kourend. As with future Leagues, you'll be racing to complete tasks and score points in order to unlock Relics and rewards that you can show off in the main game!
To start your Twisted League adventure, simply log into any of the worlds marked in green on the world selector page. Upon your first login into Twisted League, you will start off on Tutorial Island with fresh stats. Completing (or skipping) Tutorial Island will land you at the Kourend Castle Courtyard where you will meet the League Tutor and begin the challenge for real.

Fllow us and read on for more information about the Twisted League.

Key Information

Dates and Logging in
The Twisted League worlds will become available from 11:30am GMT.

  • The Twisted League will start today, November 14th, and end on January 16th, 2020.
  • To log into a Twisted League world, you will need to select a green coloured member only world from the world selector page.
  • A countdown of how many days are left in the League will be displayed on the League Info tab while on the Twisted League worlds.
Kourend and Kebos Locked
You will be restricted to the Kourend and Kebos regions only. Any successful attempt to escape from Kourend and Kebos will get you teleported back to the respawn point.
  • The respawn location is set to Kourend Castle courtyard.
  • Ports will not transport you away from Kourend but can still be used to travel between Land's End and Port Piscarilius.
  • Teleports will only work if the destination is within Kourend and Kebos.
  • The Ancient and Lunar spellbooks will not be accessible
  • All clues obtained will only have steps that can be completed within Kourend and Kebos.
Ironman/Ironwoman Mode with Accelerated XP Rates
You will be set as an Ironman or Ironwoman upon account creation. This is not changeable.
  • No trading will take place between players.
  • The base XP will be accelerated by 5x during the League.
  • Selected shops will have increased supplies and accelerated restocking rates.
  • Shops found on Kourend and Kebos will now contain a barbarian rod, Anti-Dragon Shield, and a pestle and mortar.
  • The following items are now obtainable from Watson: sextant, watch, Chart, and Strange Device.
  • All tavern owners will now sell Stew.
Starting Stats
You will start out with a fresh account with the basic stats, besides the following:
  • Herblore: Level 3
  • Agility: Level 15
These stats will allow players to do Barbarian Fishing and train Herblore.

Quest Unlocks
In order to be able to obtain and wield certain items and level specific skills you will have the following quests unlocked:
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Eagle's Peak
Slayer Unlocks
You can start Slayer from level 5 combat by speaking to Konar. She has a new Kourend and Kebos task list which includes some new tasks specific to the Twisted League. Her tasks will no longer have area restrictions but will still award Brimstone Keys.

Please note, there are some Slayer unlocks which will not work in this League. We do not want to give out Konar's Slayer task list but anything on it can be extended if it has an unlockable extension. The only unlocks that will work are red dragons and lizardmen.

Item Drop Changes
The following item drops have been changed:
  • The Kodai Insignia from Chambers of Xeric has been replaced with a Kodai Wand
  • The Hydra Leather from Alchemical Hydra has been replaced with the Ferocious Gloves
  • The Hydra Claw from Alchemical Hydra has been replaced with the Dragon Hunter Lance
  • The Broken Dragon Hasta from the Brimstone Chest has been replaced with a Dragon Hasta
Achievement Diary Tasks
The following Kourend and Kebos Achievement Diary tasks are automatically completed to make it possible to finish all the Diary tasks given the constraints of the Twisted League:
  • Travel to the Fairy Ring south of Mount Karuulm
  • Cast Monster Examine on a troll south of Mount Quidamortem


Tasks are a collection of goals and achievements which can be completed in the League. These tasks can be for various activities such as skilling, obtaining drops, killing creatures, completing quests or even playing minigames. Completion of a task will award a number of League Points which can be used to unlock Relics and other rewards. Tasks will range from Easy to Master tiers where Easy tasks are considered simple and Master tasks are considered extremely difficult.

Below is a list of League Points you can obtain when completing tiered tasks:

League Points
  • Easy: 10 Points
  • Medium: 50 Points
  • Hard: 100 Points
  • Elite: 250 Points
  • Master: 500 Points

Relics are a Leagues specific source of buffs which are unlocked with League Points. Relics can be boosts to XP, buffs to combat prowess, additional luck when obtaining drops, or even buffs to specific skilling activities. Upon leaving Tutorial Island you will be presented with three Relics to choose from without the need for points. This will allow you to choose which strategy you want to use in the League and give you incentive to strive for the next set of Relic options. Once you choose a Relic you will be locked in and will no longer be able to change your Relic selection for that tier. Choose wisely.

Below are the first three Relics you will get to choose from when entering Kourend and Kebos:

Abyssal Accumulator
  • You have an 85% chance to not consume any ammunition fired (chinchompas excluded)
  • You have an 85% chance to not consume runes when casting any spell
Endless Endurance
  • Your run energy will never drain whilst running
  • Your hitpoints restores 4 times as quickly
Dark Altar Devotion
  • Bones dropped by creatures are automatically buried and award 4x XP, this stacks with any existing XP multipliers
  • Ensouled heads now drop 2 at a time
  • Your prayer drains at 1/2 the speed
As you unlock more Relic options, the buffs become more powerful. To unlock them you will have to continue gaining League Points by completing tasks. Below is a list of the points needed to unlock the different Relic tiers:
  • 2nd Relic: 400
  • 3rd Relic: 1,200
  • 4th Relic: 2,500
  • 5th Relic: 5,000

HiScores and League Firsts

If you finish at the top of the leaderboard you will be crowned Champion of the Twisted League.

On top of having a new HiScores page we have also introduced League Firsts. League Firsts are awarded to the player who is first to complete the League’s most impressive feats. These will be represented in-game on the noticeboard next to the League Tutor. There will be no extra rewards or points for achieving a League First, although pride is its own reward!

League Firsts
  • First to complete Architectural Alliance
  • First to complete the Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary
  • First to solo complete the Chambers of Xeric without dying
  • First to solo complete the Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode without dying
  • First to kill Skotizo
  • First to kill the Mimic
  • First to kill Hespori
  • First to kill the Alchemical Hydra
  • First to reach level 99 in any skill
  • First to complete a Master Clue Scroll
  • First to obtain any pet
  • First to obtain a Golden Tench
  • First to obtain a Twisted Bow
  • First to obtain a Dragon Warhammer
  • First to unlock all Twisted Relic tiers


Rewards will be tiered to ensure players that participate in Leagues are rewarded for their efforts. Unique rewards will be obtainable by placing in the following tiers:

Tier Threshold
Bronze 10 League Points
Iron Top 80%
Steel Top 60%
Mithril Top 40%
Adamant Top 20%
Rune Top 5%
Dragon Top 1%

Rewards gained will fall under two categories: League-to-League and main game.

League-to-League Rewards

The following rewards only affect the League specific worlds. They will only appear in the next League as a way to show off how well you did last time.

League-to-League Pets
  • Any insured pets gained in the previous League will carry over to the next one.
  • The League Tutor will allow you to reclaim your pets if you lose them.
League Right Click Icons
  • A unique symbol representing the tier you placed in at the end of the previous League will appear when a player right clicks you.
League Rank Worlds
  • Mithril, Adamant, and Rune League specific worlds will be accessible based on the tier you ranked in in the previous League.
  • You can use any ranked world you meet the tier requirement for. For example, if you ranked in the Adamant tier, you can access both the Adamant and Mithril rank worlds.
League Armour Sets
  • Based on how you placed in the League you will be awarded an armour set that can be used in the next one.
  • This starter set will be a set of armour and a weapon with varying stats that can assist in the early gameplay of the following League.

Main Game Rewards

At the end of the League your League Points will transfer to the main game as currency to spend in the League Reward Store. As we want rewards to be accessible to all participants, we may change the cost of these rewards closer to the end of the League. If changes are made, they will be communicated in future newsposts and represented in the in-game reward shop.

All main game rewards will be cosmetic and tradeable unless otherwise stated and will be offered in the following League. You may choose to save your League Points for the next set of League rewards if you wish.

The list of rewards that will be available for purchase after the League finishes are listed below:

Twisted League Themed Banner
  • Similar to Kourend house banners but themed around the Twisted League
  • Held in the main-hand slot
  • League Point Cost: 750
Twisted League Home Teleport Animation
  • A scroll that changes the Home Teleport animation to have the player draw a black/green circle on the ground
  • When teleporting away a Xerician symbol appears
  • Scroll will be tradeable but consumed once used
  • League Point Cost: 750
Cosmetic Twisted League Outfit
  • 3 tiers of cosmetic outfits with no stats
  • Tradeable and storable in the PoH
  • Outfit will represent the Twisted League
  • League Point Cost: Tier 1 - 1,000, Tier 2 - 2,500, Tier 3 - 10,000
Twisted League Themed PoH Wallkit
  • A scroll, once taken to an Estate Agent, will unlock the ability to have a Twisted League themed PoH
  • Scroll will be tradeable
  • Scroll will be returned when changing PoH style to something else
  • League Point Cost: 4,000
Twisted League Slayer Helm Recolour
  • Twisted Horns which can be used on a Slayer helm to turn it into a Twisted League themed helm
  • Will require 1000 Slayer points to unlock the recolour to be consistent with all the other Slayer helms
  • Twisted Horns will be tradeable but the helm, once recoloured, will not
  • Twisted Horns can be removed from the helm
  • League Point Cost: 6,000
Cosmetic Twisted League Trophy
  • A cosmetic wieldable trophy that represents which tier you placed in
  • Can only be claimed by players who attained the specific tier rank in the League
  • Unlike the other rewards, this will not be tradeable
  • Storable in the PoH
  • Held in the off-hand slot (aside from Dragon, Rune and Adamant which are 2H)
  • Has a unique emote that is accessed by right clicking the trophy
  • Will not cost any points to purchase

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