News.OSRS Soul Wars Guide and Reward 2021

Mysterious portals have opened in Edgeville and Ferox Enclave! Those brave enough to venture through will find themselves on the Isle of Souls, where they’ll get the opportunity to play Soul Wars – a new, members-only minigame involving fierce combat and territory control.

Soul Wars is also a safe minigame, so you don’t have to worry about losing your favourite gear.

Once you enter the Soul Wars area, you’ll want to have a word with Nomad, the brains behind the operation. He’ll show you the workings of the Soul Obelisk, teach you how the giant Avatars function and go over the basics of TOTAL DOMINATION. Being something of an adventurer himself, Nomad’s prepared to hand over some mighty rewards to players who join in the fun.

Need more details? Read on to learn everything you could possibly need to know about Old School RuneScape’s newest minigame.


To play Soul Wars, you’ll need:

- A total level of 500 or higher
- A combat level of 40 or higher
- Old School RuneScape membership

You'll also need to be logged in to the dedicated Soul Wars worlds (320 and 350) to play the minigame. However, Members can access the Isle of Souls from any world, even if they don’t meet the requirements.

Accessing Soul Wars

Now that the Soul Wars minigame is live for all Old School members, you can make your way to the Isle of Souls via the portals in Edgeville or Ferox Enclave, or with a minigame teleport.

The Soul Wars lobby is on the southern side of the island, along with Nomad himself. He’ll explain the basics of the game to you and allow you to access the rewards shop. The lobby also contains a Bank, a poll booth, and the waiting rooms for the minigame itself.

Oh, and those audiophiles amongst you will be happy to hear that there’s not one, but two new music tracks to unlock in this area. Happy hunting!

How to Start the Game?

Once you’ve gone through Nomad’s tutorial, you may enter a game of Soul Wars by stepping into one of the waiting rooms in the lobby. You can choose to join the Red or Blue team by entering their respective waiting rooms, but be aware that if the teams are too imbalanced (either by sheer numbers or Combat levels) then entry to the stronger team will be blocked. If you’re undecided, use the green portal to be automatically sorted onto an appropriate team.

When the game begins, you’ll be given a special cape in your team colours – so you’re unable to bring one into the waiting room with you.

Although you can access the Isle of Souls on any members’ world, you’ll only be able to enter the waiting room and start the minigame on the designated Soul Wars worlds, W320 and W350.

A game of Soul Wars will begin every four minutes, or when both waiting rooms have 60 players each. There must be at least 10 players in each waiting room for a game to start. If there aren’t enough players present, the two-minute timer will stop and restart once there are sufficient numbers.

If one waiting room has fewer players than the other when the game begins, the number of players pulled from each room will match the count of the weaker team. For example, if the red room has 40 players while the blue room has 60, only 40 players from each room will join the game.

If you get left behind, don’t worry – you’ll be given higher priority for the next game.

Playing Soul Wars

Once the game begins, both teams have one simple objective: kill the opposing team’s Avatar as many times as possible before the game ends!

Games will last for fifteen minutes, but they can end early if a team reaches a total of five Avatar kills.

So, let’s learn more about these Avatars, shall we?


In the Blue corner, we have the Avatar of Creation! And in the Red corner, we have the Avatar of Destruction! Both of these behemoths have the same stats, and the same tough hide. Initially, they’ll be immune to all forms of damage, but they can be softened up using the Soul Obelisk. More on that later.

Both avatars have low Defence and high HitPoints. This means that even relatively low levels can damage them, but they’ll take some time to kill. They attack using Melee and will target whichever player in their area has the highest offensive bonuses – after all, they’re the biggest threat!

That said, these veritable Goliaths are so awesomely massive that their attacks hit any players unlucky enough to be stood in front of them when they take a swing. Prayer can be used to block damage from their attacks - but if hit, you can expect to lose Prayer Points in line with the amount of damage taken.

Should you manage to take an Avatar down, it’ll respawn after 20 seconds with its 100% damage reduction buff restored. Back to the Obelisk with you!


Each team has a base located on opposite sides of the map. Although they’re visually different, they’re otherwise identical – each contains an Avatar, a Graveyard and a Supply Area.

All players begin the game in their team’s Graveyard. This is a safe zone that can only be accessed by members of the same team. Should you die in the course of the game you’ll respawn here as a ghost and must wait for 15 seconds before leaving via one of the three exits.

Your Graveyard also contains Bandages, which can also be collected from the Supply Area. These are used to heal 20% of HP, restore 100% run energy and cure all poison and venom effects – but they’re not stackable. You can also use Bandages to heal other players on your team.

The Supply Area also contains barricades – but only one barricade can be carried at a time, and each team can only place a maximum of 10. They’re used to block other players’ paths, although some areas are off-limits. You can also use a Barricade on another player to trade them. Barricades can be destroyed by simply attacking them, burning them, or blowing them up. Speaking of which...

The last things you’ll find in your Supply Area are two types of potions. The first being Explosive Potions, which as you might imagine are there to make stuff explode! Use them on a Barricade to clear it. Alternatively, use them on another player to trade them.

The second type of potion is the Potion of Power, which will boost your combat stats and restore Prayer Points.

Other Graveyards

Along with the two base Graveyards, there are two additional Graveyards closer to the middle of the game map. At the beginning of the game they are neutral, but they can be captured by the team that has more players in the area than the other for a short period of time. Once captured, it becomes an additional respawn point for that team. If a team has multiple graveyards, upon death you’ll simply be sent to the closest one. Once captured, a Graveyard can never become neutral again, but it can be swapped to the other team.

Both capturable Graveyards have two exit points.

Graveyards also have another function – they’re for burying Bones, of course! Doing so will increase the damage reduction percentage of your team’s Avatar. You can bury Bones in any graveyard, but if your team doesn’t control it, you’ll only get a quarter of the contribution. You can get Bones from both fallen players and NPCs.

Soul Obelisk and Soul Fragments

The Soul Obelisk is found in the middle of the map. As with Graveyards, you can capture the Soul Obelisk by simply having more players in the right area than the other team. Again, once captured it can never become neutral again, only flipped.

The purpose of the Soul Obelisk is to weaken the Avatars by lowering their damage reduction percentage, which starts at 100% and can go all the way down to 0%. To do so, you must sacrifice Soul Fragments, which can be gathered from various NPCs in Soul Wars. The stronger your enemy, the more Soul Fragments you’ll get!

When killed, other players will also drop any Soul Fragments they were carrying

Sacrifices can be made regardless of whether your team controls the Obelisk or not, but if you don’t, your sacrifices are only worth a quarter of what they would normally be.


The special currency for Soul Wars is Zeal. At the end of each game, all players with more than zero activity will receive some amount of Zeal, based on their participation. Keep an eye on the Activity Bar while you play to see how you’re doing and watch out – if your activity drops to zero, you will be removed from the game. You’ll also forfeit any Zeal you’ve earned if you quit the minigame early.

You can fill up your Activity Bar and grab more Zeal by:

- Killing opposing players: More Zeal is awarded for killing stronger players, and little to no Zeal is received for killing weaker players. Killing the same player multiple times will see the Zeal reward reduced each time in order to prevent kill farming.
- Healing fellow team members: Bear in mind that it isn't possible to heal team members already at full health.
- Burying bones: If your team's Avatar is at maximum damage reduction, then no contribution is counted.
- Sacrificing Soul Fragments at the Soul Obelisk: If the opposing team's Avatar has minimum damage reduction, then no contribution is counted.
- Dealing damage to the opposing team's Avatar
- Capturing Graveyards or the Soul Obelisk

The following actions will boost your Activity Bar, but will only reward small amounts of Zeal:

- Killing NPCs
- Destroying barricades

Once a game ends, your final Zeal reward will be modified depending on whether your team won or lost the game. The winning team gets a 20% bonus, and the losing team gets a 20% reduction. If it’s a draw, your Zeal total won’t change.

For every point of Zeal earned, you’ll also receive a Zeal Token, which you can spend in the Soul Wars Reward Shop.


Prayer, Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged and Magic XP can all be purchased from the Soul Wars Reward Shop. You can only purchase XP for skills at level 30 or above, and the higher the level, the more XP you’ll get. We’ve aimed to make the XP rates comparable to Pest Control’s intermediate lander.

You can also choose to purchase XP in bulk, although doing so won’t grant any bonus modifiers.


You’ll be able to use your Zeal Tokens to imbue specific items and improve their effects. Although this system is functionally identical to the one at the Nightmare Zone, you can’t trade imbued items between the two shops.

Soul Cape

This swish bit of gear looks just like the one donned during the minigame and comes in Blue and Red so you can show your support for your favourite team.


Who you gonna call? Carrying this spooky device in your Inventory will net you extra Prayer XP when killing ghostly creatures. The XP given scales with the HP of the creature in question.

You’ll need 40 Prayer to purchase this item – they can’t go giving them out to just anyone, you know!

Lucky Dip

Feeling lucky? Then take your chances on the Lucky Dip, where you’ll have the chance to win goodies from an all-new Soul Wars loot table.

Avatar Pet

These fun-size versions of the mighty Avatars are available as the star prize in the Soul Wars Lucky Dip! They can be transmogrified to look like either the Avatar of Destruction or the Avatar of Creation, and they’ll follow you on all your adventures!

So, what are you waiting for? The portals are open, so let the Soul Wars begin! You can always to buy cheap osrs gold from us. Buy RS 07 Gold with instant delivery. Full stock. 24/7 Customer service.

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