News.New Features About FIFA 18 Career Mode

Recently,EA Sports has announced the new features about FIFA 18 career mode, Next, let us keep a close eyes on these new features.So that we can learn more about FIFA 18.

One of the most attractive aspects of any sports video game is the career mode. These modes give you the opportunity to guide you as a major sports league player, or as your favorite team's general manager. EA Sports's FIFA franchise is no exception, and the latest version of FIFA 18 has a career pattern that will change radically once the new game goes down. What can you expect when the time comes to manage your favorite football club and bring it to the top of your respective league?

The Decision Wheel

As you may be familiar with in Journey mode, Career Mode will now be equipped with a cinematic animation driven by a Frost engine, which comes from an interactive decision wheel. You'll use these decision rounds to talk to the various promoters and vibrators in the football world - as we mentioned, these may include managers, owners, agents and athletes themselves. Wheels will allow you to submit a quotation fee, choose the optional terms and conditions, establish a contract quote almost, so you can start talking to your manager about turkeys.

According to EA, artificial intelligence has also been improved, and the supervisors should "take a strong and diverse reaction" across the board. No doubt they'll come out to make sure they're not going to be great in the short term so be ready to fight hard in FIFA 18's career mode and test your best and best negotiating atmosphere!

Transfer system has been modified

According to, FIFA 18 will have a new transfer system because games now allow you to get top players or re-sign existing players through negotiations with players, clubs, managers and even dealer agents Celebrity. As they have said, this could theoretically mean you as manager of Arsenal or Liverpool, for example, could negotiate with Mourinho of Manchester United and talk about getting one of his players, and then by a player's manager People execute the deal. Or if you want to automate the process, you can have your assistants deal with the negotiations, and you focus on setting the line-up and doing something else a manager needs to do. It is one of the more in-depth and more realistic ways to sign players and make a key change in the FIFA 18 career mode debut.

In addition to a more realistic bargaining system, the game will also make the announcement of the broadcast more intense, billboards and press conferences will signal your new signature and show him to the media and fans. All of this is done in real time, so alone, it can be said that in just a year, the transfer of the system has come a long way.

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How do we think about these change?

As you can see, we are very happy to see that EA has heard the criticism from fans that the career model has seen a better day and requires a little bit of passion. It will be the same part of fun and frustration that we bet because you can not expect to get such top names like Romelu Lukaku (official screenshot EA features) unless you are willing to come to a compromise. Although what you get is the transcription of words spoken by each character, complaining about the lack of expression is critical. Maybe this is something we can expect in a future release, but we've raised the pace of FIFA 18 career patterns and we can overlook some minor omissions.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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