News.New FIFA 19 features you need to know

FIFA 19 will launche in September 28 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.Now,Let's see new FIFA 19 features.

1.Shot In The Dark

You can now attempt to hit a shot even sweeter than before by tapping Circle / B a second time, just as your foot hits the ball. Get the timing right, and there's a decent chance the ball will be flying into the top corner. Get it wrong, and it'll probably end up in row Z.

2.Second Player Markers

One of PES 2018's best small improvements was a grey marker above the currently selected second player when defending. This allows you to know which second man will press and which player you'll switch to should you press L1 / LB. EA has, smartly, taken the idea and put it into FIFA 19.

3.Running Patterns

You can now tell what kind of running your fullback is doing when attacking. Enter the team's manager's player label, and you'll see a new option to make the fullback edge overlap or in the middle of the field.

4.Mini Map Magic

Now, a team player will have a triangular icon on the mini map instead of a standard circular icon to identify teammates and opponents more quickly and easily.

5.Defensive Styles

You now have greater control over your team's defensive style. That means you can change the way your team attempt to reclaim the ball via the following settings: "pressure after possession loss," "constant pressure," "drop back," "balanced," and "pressure on heavy touch."

6.A Touch Of Class

A new active touch system will allow better first touches with many different parts of the body, which both looks great and gives you greater control over the ball.

7.Tactical depth

Since it has become a common feature in football matches, you can adjust the width and depth of the team in FIFA 19. However, you can also adjust the number of players who serve your forward corner players, and adjust the number of players participating in the match.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

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