News.Madden NFL 18 Coins: The First NFL Series with Frostbite Engine

The Madden NFL 17 has become the most popular American football game around the world. But nowadays we got news which is about NFL 18!
EA had been using the ‘Ignite’ engine for its sports game including FIFA and Madden series. But last year’s FIFA 17 had already switched to Frostbite engine, which performance extremely fantastic both in graphics and physical mechanism, except for some foibles. It has been confirmed that the upcoming Madden NFL 18 was powered by Frostbite too.
What is ‘game engine’?
Game engine is an essential part of a game. Developers use it to create a game, users control and receive feedback from it. It also generate graphics and sounds. For that purpose, an eminent game engine is important for both players and developers.
What is ‘Frostbite’ engine?
EA has switches the game engine ‘Ignite’ into ‘Frostbite’ in FIFA 17. So here comes the question, what is ‘Frostbite’?
Compared with Ignite, the Frostbite brings up us better game experiences and graphics performance. Firstly, Frostbite engine support multi-platform (Sony Play Station, Microsoft Xbox and Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, MAC and so on with multi-thread processing optimization which enhanced hardware energy-efficiency ratio substantially.
Social media comments
IF the new Frostbite engine hasn’t had a tangible effect on the way FIFA plays, it certainly has on the way it looks. The broad, round-shouldered players of last year are gone, replaced by modes that look much more like actual human beings.
The switch to Frostbite was a very wise decision taken by FIFA. It took the game to new heights of success by improving its graphics, game play, music and adding additional features to it. Let’s just wait for it.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

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