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Congratulations to many Fifa 18 Coins players. What do you want for FIFA 18? Tell us your ideas. Keep an eye on us. We will keep updating the latest news. What's more, you are able to get FIFA 18 coins. Pay attention to our online store MMO4PAL to get the latest news as well as cheapest FIFA 18 Coins.

With the advent of FIFA 18.We’d like to about-face our account affair to FIFA 18 rather than FIFA 17, even if we still abide the circadian address of FIFA 17 TOTW roster.

The May has accomplished and we acceptable the June, the ages that EA Sport will broadcast its FIFA 18 Pre-order activity for FIFA 17 users. If you are not accustomed with FIFA 18, you can accumulate afterward us at WWW.MMO4PAL.COM , for we not alone focus on FIFA 17 gameplay and TOTW, FIFA 18 new appearance and absolution aswell the accent of our job.

At the same time there is another important message to share with all customers.
As we know that FIFA 18 is a brand-new football simulation game developed by EA Sports upon the engine Frostbite 4. Totally, it’s not a remake version of FIFA 18, but a fire-new sports game extracts the essence of previous FIFA 16 & FIFA 17 and mixed that with new elements. FIFA 18 new features will be better graphic features, more logical physical mechanism, customizable career mode player, News Leagues etc.
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Thursday, June 01, 2017

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