News.Learn More New OSRS Shooting Stars - Mining XP And Rewards

What exactly are Shooting Stars?

Shooting Stars are essentially items that can be mined for rewards. Shooting Stars fall on random locations across the various worlds. Players can locate these Stars by using Telescopes. Telescopes can help a player figure out when and where a Star may land. 


How can you find Shooing Stars?

As you go along the game, you will probably stumble upon the occasional Star or two without actively looking for them. It is easy enough to randomly find Stars along with your quests - in that case, there is no need to put in much extra work or items. However, if you are a dedicated hunter, it takes a lot more than luck to collect the stars. 


What do Telescopes do?

As stated before, Telescope can help players find the timing and location of Shooting Stars. What many don’t know is that every Telescope is unique - they all have differing levels of accuracy. It is crucial to keep in mind that you may not be able to find the exact site of a Shooting Star when your Telescope alerts you. 


What are the different types of Telescopes?

Depending on the accuracy of your Telescope, you may have to search a bit before you acquire that Shooting Star. Here is a concise guide to various Telescopes and the accuracy of their timing, accurate to the latest minute:

· Oak: 24 minutes (example: a star might take 5 to 29 minutes to land)

· Teak: 9 minutes (example: a star might take 6 to 15 minutes to land)

· Mahogany: 2 minutes (example: a star might take 8 to 10 minutes to land)


What are the different landing sites for Stars?

At the time of its inception, Shooting Stars were only available for RuneScape members. Now, the Stars can land on F2P worlds as well. However, keep in mind that the Stars might land in the non-F2P zones, which may leave hunters unable to collect them. 


In contrast to RuneScape, the Stars in the F2P worlds will only benefit the players through XP and Stardust, rather than further rewards. The Stardust will be available for their use, just in case those players choose to become members. 


What exactly is Stardust?

Stardust is basically a currency that can be used by the players to purchase a reward. Both the currency and the rewards are untradeable. The Stars are available in nine sizes, with each size providing a different amount of Stardust. As the Stardust depletes, the Star shrinks to a smaller size. Because of that, there will be lesser Stardust left to be gained. 


How can you mine Shooting Stars?

A Shooting Star which has landed is a Star ready to be mined. The Observatory shows a list of the finders and landing times of the last five Stars. Every Star that is mined rewards a player with Stardust and Mining XP as the most basic reward. 


What rewards can you gain from mining?

The basic rewards 

Although F2P Players are limited to earning Mining XP and Stardust as a reward, members can enjoy much more benefits. Players can gain XP, clue geodes, soft clay packs, and even a mining pet! You can obtain a Star Fragment - used on any part of a Prospector Outfit, and you can recolor a certain piece of gold with it. 


The Celestial Ring

As a player, you can also gain a Celestial Ring - this will give a Mining boost when worn and can be charged with Stardust. It can be charged up to 10,000 times, with each Stardust adding a single charge to the Ring.


The Ring can be combined with an elven Signet to create a Celestial Signet, which gives a player the best of both items. Naturally, it will require more Skills and Stardust to put it into effect. Neither the Ring nor the Signet can be traded with other Players. Once a Ring has been combined to turn into a Signet, the process cannot be reversed. 


Where can you exchange Stardust for the rewards?

In Falador, a Dwarf can exchange your Stardust in favor of extremely rare items that may further help you with mining Stars. Dusuri the Dwarf will be available for service in both P2P and F2P worlds. 


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Friday, March 26, 2021

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