News.How to Air Dribble in Rocket League as Beginner?

Dribbling the ball through a bunch of soccer players is hard, even as a human. But dribbling a massive ball with your car, that too when the ball is in the air, it’s crazy hard… but not impossible.

Rocket League is one of those games which are insanely fun to master. It's not just about competing and winning matches, it's about getting to know the feel of your favorite car, and it's about mastering those skills which emit genuine "wow" moments when perfected. It's also not just about simple mechanics like a Wave Dash or your standard Dribble. What is it about, then?

Well, Rocket League is about impressing your mates, and having a jolly good time doing it. It's about mastering mechanics like the Flip Reset or, indeed, the Air Dribble, and thus, taking your game to that next level and eliciting some pretty startling responses in the process. Honestly, there's nothing we love more than surprising our friends, so we've decided to help you do the same. Here's our Air Dribbling Guide.

Air Dribbling has become one of the most useful maneuvers in Rocket League that almost every pro player has mastered through hours of practice and of course, knowing the right technique. As a beginner, getting your first air dribble right can be quite a hassle and that is why this guide covers everything that you need to know about air dribbling.

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What is Air Dribbling?

Before we jump into the basics of pulling an air dribble, we need to know what it actually is. Well for the absolute beginners out there, the act of carrying the ball mid-air in the direction of your choice is simply known as air-dribbling.

There are quite a few different types of air dribbling, from the very simple, throwing the ball up in the air and then hitting it towards the goal to carrying the ball all the way inside the goal post to even bumping the ball just above the goal wall and then hitting it back to the goal.

However, one thing that is common in all of these types is the setup, which is also one of the easiest things to do in order to pull off this insane maneuver. So lets’ talk about how to pull your first air dribble.

How to Get Started with Air Dribbling?

Alright, so the very first thing that you need to keep in mind is your car. Of course, this trick can be done with any of the cars but some are exceptionally better than others. Octane works extremely well but for max control, you should go for the Breakout.

Now with the car out of the way, the next thing that you need to work on is the setup. So basically the setup is done in a few simple steps:

●You need to line the ball straight with your car and then push it in the direction of the wall, while leaning a little to the direction where you want to go.

●Keep pushing the ball as you approach the wall and right before hitting the ball on the wall, you need to slightly reduce the car’s speed to create a small distance between your car and the ball.

●Now as the ball hits the wall, you need to hit the pedal and climb the wall behind the ball and give it a final push before it flies towards the middle of the arena.

●As the ball flies off you have to jump your car against the wall to get it in the air to follow the ball. Now as you are following the ball in the air, you have to make sure that you stay close to be able to push the ball to keep it in the air.

●In order to do that you need to know the basics of aerials or aerial control to stay underneath the ball as you carry it towards the goal or where you want to go.

Now, once you have the ball in the air, the real hard part comes into play. Keep in mind that the above-described strategy is purely suggested: the trick is just to get the ball into the air. Once it is airborne, you can perform the next few steps to perform an Air Dribble.

The Unbeatable Air Dribble
There are quite some amazing things you can do while carrying the ball. You can carry it directly on the nose of the car into the goal or you can give yourself a little space as the ball travels towards the goal post and then boost it right in to power it through.

Boost into the Ball
Now airborne, apply the boost and twist your car so that it is horizontal, flat, and aimed directly at the ball. Boost into it to kick it towards the enemy goal. Be careful not to hit too hard, though, as you don't want it to shoot off and get caught by an opponent. Also, make sure it isn't going in some random direction. After all, you want to score a goal, right?

Lightly Tap the Ball
As you are flying through the air, tap the ball lightly but continuously, maintaining air speed and your distance from the ground. It is similar to a land-dribble, but way more difficult, as you need to be super precise with your speed, direction, and distance from the ground.

Maintain Ball Speed and Trajectory
Apply smaller boosts to keep up with the ball, and inch it towards the goal. This part requires hours of practice, and the ability to quickly change tactic as an opponent approaches. You need to have mastered ball control, and directional movement. Keep edging it towards those goals to score an insanely impressive Air Dribble that will certainly get the lads talking!

However, these air dribbles can be blocked even if done right, but the one that can’t be blocked is where you actually travel right ahead of the ball as it travels towards the goal. You will be able to bump off the defenders to clear the way for your ball. It’s quite hard to learn but totally worth it! Don't forget we have all the Rocket League items you need including Rocket League Credits, Blueprint, keys, Crates and more.

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Monday, February 14, 2022

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