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One of the best things that I LOVE the most about OSRS is the yearly RuneFest, I mean it’s a great way for the Runescapers and the creators of RuneScape to get along and decide the fate of the game. But the recent lockdowns have forced us to stay at home and WE DON’T HAVE A RuneFest this year! I know, it breaks my heart as well.


But don’t give up just yet, because Runescapers aren’t going to sit empty handed and let this year slide without any interesting news and updates to the game. As disappointing as the news about RuneFest was, Devs came up with an alternative that was as good as it gets. We had an awesome Old School Summer Summit instead! And just like every year’s RuneFest, the Summer Summit was planned to provide a chance for the RuneScapers to learn about the plans that the developers have planned for OSRS for the next six months.


Now a lot of you might find this weird as developers have been following a set tradition of sharing a year’s worth of news and updates about the game and while the Summer Summit shares only six months worth of content, devs have decided to do this TWICE a year, only if everything goes according to the plan.


Anyways, the Summer Summit was streamed live on Twitch on 31st, July and the devs had a LOT to talk about. Now I am not a big fan of long speeches or pages of content to read through, I like to have things concise and to the point. And that is why I am here to share with you an AWESOME Overview list of everything that’s planned out for OSRS for the next 6 months, thanks to a Reddit User “Ayalat”.

Summer Summit Updates


Premier Club  - 16th August

 Best deal on 12 month membership.

 Not available to previous 2020/2021 premier club gold, silver, or bronze members.

Deadman Reborn  - 25th August

 3 lives. 10% exp penalty for dying. On 3rd death combat stats and bank wiped and you start from scratch.

 Sigils like relics in leagues. Swap in safe zones. Tradable on GE

 Combat level bracket worlds

Group Ironmen - Early to Mid Fall

 New recruitment area to create teams "The Node"

 2 to 5 players

 Existing Iron players will be able to let guests into their PoH

 Existing Irons won't be able to form groups. Needs to be a fresh account.

 Official group finding worlds

 Pick up new members at the node if someone leaves

 "Prestige" Status. Lose it when you invite a new member to the group.

 If you decide to leave a group you can keep your status but you'll lose all your tradable items. If you want to keep your items you must de-iron.

 Untradables will stay as they are. You won't be able to trade over your fire cape etc. to another member of your group.

 Both private and shared banks.

 You will not be able to enter instant solo fights together such as zulrah, fight caves, etc.

 You will be able to do ToB and CoX with players outside of your group.

Leagues 3 - End of 2021

 Entire map unlocked.

 Relics shattered into fragments. Small portions of a relics power, can be combined. 1 base effect and 2 set effects per fragment. Presets available.

 Skills restricted to 3 at the start. Unlocking each skill will have an individual cost of "unlock points"

 You'll have to pay to unlock both skills and bosses

 More story driven then previous leagues. New league guide "The Sage"

 6 weeks in length

 There will be enough time to unlock every skill and boss

 Fragments do not take up your inventory space. Will be a separate interface with an "action bar" where you drag which ones you'd like to be active in and out.

 Pet rate same as main game

 5x exp rate

 First 3 skills pre selected

 No auto completed quests

 Rewards include: TP animation, relic hunter outfit, recolor for a different non-graceful skilling outfit.

Miscellaneous updates throughout the year

 Wilderness improvements and wildy boss rework

 Content poll 76

 Official game client improvements

 Gold and item sinks

 Halloween and christmas events

Raids 3 Tombs of Amascut - Start of year 2022

 Teams of up to 8

 4 upper level challenges unlock lower level with twin bosses

 Upper challenges split into 2 parts, path and boss. Completing one will change the rest of the raid

 Invocations instead of challenge mode. Buffs/debuffs to customize the raid

 New powered wand. Variable attack speed 2 tick for 3 attacks, slower 4th attack

 New ranged armour. Low life effect. Less than 40% health equipment gains additional stats.

 New amulet that drains health and keeps you at 40% threshold

 New bis mage offhand. Mage str bonus add-on to arcane sigil

 Beneath Cursed Sands - New quest to unlock access to Raids 3. Will be released before raid

 Aim is to be more accessible than ToB at the low end with the invocation system

 Will scale down to solo

 You will be able to revert your arcane shield in order to get the sigil back and make the new offhand


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Thursday, August 05, 2021

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