News.FIFA 19 latest news

EA hasn’t officially revealed FIFA 19 yet, but the launch date for FIFA games has been consistent for several years now. You can expect the game to launch in the last week of September.Now,Let's see all the latest news and details.

1.FIFA 19 Journey

In the previous demo you also got a snippet of the popular story mode: The Journey. EA hasn’t confirmed whether or not The Journey will return in FIFA 19, but considering how great it’s been for the past two years, we certainly hope it does.

2.FIFA 19 demo

EA will launche a demo of the game in a few weeks ahead of launch,giving players the chance to play single matches with a select few teams.

FIFA 18’s demo launched on September 12, 17 days before the full game’s release, so expect a similar trend this year. The teams available last year were Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, PSG, LA Galaxy and Toronto FC. Clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Bayern and PSG have featured in previous demos, so it’s likely they’ll make a welcome return.

3.Some FIFA 19 wishlist

New Custom Tactics

This is a repeated request last year, but EA has not changed the custom D-pad tactics in the game. FIFA lags far behind PES in terms of its tactical customization level, providing very little depth and the same as it has for many years.

If we can eventually create our own tactics, and at least the default options are slightly different, that will be fine.

Add depth to offline modes

We want FIFA 19 to continue the introduction of cutscenes for transfer negotiations in manager career, adding much more to the game’s offline modes.And Scouting could do with some updating.

We’ll also round up all the FIFA 19 latest news and gameplay info as EA reveals more.Please follow our FIFA news list,You can expect the FIFA 19 to launch in the last week of September. We will also provide cheap FIFA 19 Coins  for you.

Friday, April 13, 2018

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