News.A special event of FFXI: Announcing A Challenge from Lion!

A special event, A Challenge from Lion, is coming on Tuesday, November 10!

Overcome the trial posed to you by Lion—your stalwart ally against the Shadow Lord—and you can receive last year's Norgish Dagger, the Esikuva, or even a brand new dagger—the Infiltrator!

Event Period

True Love battlefield
A Fond Farewell battlefield
Commencing Tuesday, November 10, at 7:00 a.m. (PST)
* You will be able to attempt the battlefield whenever you like as long as you possess an unused trigger item.

Locations, Bosss, and Entry Restrictions

True Love
Location: Throne Room/Stellar Fulcrum
Boss: Lion
One to Six-Person Party
Levels 50-99
*The battlefield difficulty will be scaled to match the lowest level party member.

A Fond Farewell
Location: Throne Room/Stellar Fulcrum
Bosses: Lion, Aldo, and Zeid
One to Six-Person Party
Level 99

Items Required for Entry

True Love
Tarazacum Orb
This item can be obtained in exchange for login points during the November 2020 Login Campaign.
* Players in possession of a Tarazacum Orb from last year will be able to use it this year.

A Fond Farewell
Zinnia Orb
This item can be obtained in exchange for login points during the November 2019 Login Campaign.
* Players in possession of a Zinnia Orb from last year will be able to use it this year.


True Love
Players who clear the battlefield will receive a Norgish Dagger

Norgish Dagger

A Fond Farewell
Clearing A Fond Farewell will reward players with one Lion's Roar item, as well as a chance to receive the Infiltrator.

Synergizing a Lion's Roar and a Norgish Dagger, obtainable from the battlefield True Love, will yield one Esikuva.

<< Required Rank: Amateur >>


Required Synthesis Skills




Norgish Dagger, Lion's Roar



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