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Sliders change everything

A common criticism of FIFA 18 – and most of its predecessors – is that it’s too slow. Er, and too quick. AI team-mates are either too sluggish to react, or too hasty. Essentially the game plays slightly differently for everyone. There’s a simple, often-ignored way you can fix that and further tweak it to your liking: by using a home-brew slider set.

There are numerous across the web, but the best I’ve found for blending fun and realism is the Operation Sports community project. It’s specifically designed, as explained by poster Matt10, to eliminate the issues of “clueless teammate defensive AI; constantly bombarding forward CPU [players], and little or no fouls.”

Stick with dribbling

Although nearly 17 games were played at FIFA 17, the weakest part of my game kept dribbling - the pitch on my numbers was about as effective as the skill of my right joystick, Show.

The lifeline in this area is already sport sports, users have shared a variety of useful tips from noob friendly to advanced. Take this from Kenn 5337: "The easiest and most effective trick is to play the ball, just flick the right stick in the opposite direction of your foot, and I'm just using this action alone, having defeated several defenders. It's also a two-star skill so almost everyone can do it. "

"I think the easiest and most powerful technique is to fake + change direction." "Flick one direction to the right and move in the other direction. The player does not need a high skill level to pull the move. It can be used in midfield Or on the sidewalk. "

"If you have the skills of a 4 + star player, use vintage rotation (hold fast to the right and then flick to the side you want to go)," he continued. "This is one of the strongest and most abusive moves of the top players at FUT, which is also very effective for the CPU."

The last word in this department is AirForbes1. He said: "The two most useful tips for dealing with AI are as follows." Body feint: Flick the RS to the left or right of your player and then exit with the left stick [in a particular direction. Keep the exit direction below 90 degrees and you will keep your speed. Then span: a quarter of the RS rotation, from the front to the left or right. The LS exits in the other direction and stays below 90 degrees. "

Everyone needs chemistry lessons

Chemistry is cohesion, with each ultimate team lineup together. However, despite its status as the most popular fashion and sports game, few players have mastered its deeper nuances. For example, did you know that you can change your formation in just a few seconds of kick-off without being punished chemically for anything? EA himself acknowledged the release of FIFA 17: "The first thing to keep in mind is that chemistry plays a role in the game at the start of the game and these effects are determined by both team chemistry and individual players."

One way you can take advantage of your edge is by switching side-backs to midfield - converting Phil Neville and Phillip Rum at dusk during his career to success in real life. "Mario guys like CM are great," wrote RealPeterParker on Reddit. "I started at 433 (2) in the match between Marcelo Cavallar and my side guard, and both midfielders were just for chemistry. [Immediately after the start of the race] changed to 41212 narrow and sat gal and Pereira they time Carvajal IF on the CDM and Marcelo left CM. When you have these, who needs Cant and Pogba?

Ricardo Pereira, Joshua Kiminki and Thomas Mennier - good defenders available cards - are also recommended for the same thread in the same early match position changes.

Before patching up, note that submarines bear something of a chemical cost, as in the example above Gaya and Pereira will not perform their utmost abilities. This is also explained by EA on the post: "While replacing the benefits from having a high chemistry team, they will not receive the chemical effects of individual players" which means that once launched its chemistry will be at 5 and 6:25 Between the range, even though they replaced the player with 10 chemistry scores.

Learn the sweatiest free kick routine going

This is a bit naughty, but if you leave your morals at the door when jumping into FIFA, you won’t mind that. Essentially, there’s a particular free kick routine that grants you a shot at goal from a favourable position every time it’s used. Itsprachu, from Reddit, explains, with relation to PS4 controls:

“Hold L2 to call a second man, then tap R1 to call a third man. If you want the third man to run, take a fake shot, then wait for that player to make run and pass the ball. If you want the shot taker to run, do the fake shot while pressing R1.”

While most online players aren’t savvy to the move – making its effectiveness greater than any other set-piece routine, at least for now – there is one way you can try to stop it. “In terms of defending it, you have to quickly select the player at the end of the wall (where the 2nd or 3rd man is) and as soon as the power bar is loaded up break from the wall and pressure the shot,” explains Watprfc, again on Reddit. “I use R1 while doing so, to bring a 2nd man press.”

Do you know your referee?

In most FIFA players there is an assumption that the referee named before each fixture is unimportant. In fact, they all have a specific impact on the race. Every official in the game has its own personality if you use a special body-playing style - I like to deploy two CDMs between D and Center Circle - it's important to know how easy or harsh the middle man would be A sneaky shirt to react, or late.

Referees were rated in two areas - strict foul and strict refereeing - 14 of the two departments scored highest. When you see them announced as tournament officials, you'll want to slip to the very easy slider button. They are: An-Jol Park, Ansgar von Hauenstein, Fuad Al-Rishani, Heribert Allmaier, Ignacio Muniz Villate, Ireneusz Iglikowski, Klemens Pilegaard, Lauro Leopardi, Loic Dacquigny, Manuel Rui Barbosa, Nikodem Dworaczyk, Pedro Orteguilla, Valente Larrazabal, Xavier Aguilar Ramirez.

The full table mapping referee can be found in "Sports" Strictness [scroll down to the end of the first post]. Props Jamesbeaver and Hunkerdownuga's comprehensive research work.

Open bids is the key to the glory of SBC

This is my own little tip - using the transfer market in FIFA 17 to make 12 million coins, but it is futile at least to include some of my own insights here. One of the questions I've been asked since I got into GamesRadar's FIFA 18 coin guidelines is what the SBC players should aim at? The answer is all. But the key to doing this, and saving coins along the way, is to get players through public bidding instead of buying them now.

I use web apps to do this. Suppose you want to complete a new tournament SBC: First make a note of all the CUP GKs in your club; then search for silver GKs on the transfer market with a maximum bid of 350. Bid at that price without any price. You may not win any prize initially, but now you will list the necessary players in the transfer target list. By checking every few hours, you can re-bid any player you miss and always buy the current price under the maximum of 300-500 coins. Gradually, you will add the signings you need.

Once held, move to RB, then CB, and repeat the process for each location. It may take a week to complete the tournament, but so I've met the league's NOS, Super Lig, Eredivisie, Russian and Mexican leagues and seven are preparing for the future SBC.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

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